Unterer Hauenstein Pass

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Unterer Hauenstein Pass
Unterer Hauenstein.jpg
Unterer Hauenstein Pass
Elevation691 m (2,267 ft)
RangeJura Mountains
Coordinates47°22′52.88″N 7°52′8.14″E / 47.3813556°N 7.8689278°E / 47.3813556; 7.8689278Coordinates: 47°22′52.88″N 7°52′8.14″E / 47.3813556°N 7.8689278°E / 47.3813556; 7.8689278

Unterer Hauenstein Pass (el. 691 m.) is a mountain pass in the Jura Mountains between the canton of Basel-Country and Solothurn in Switzerland.

It connects Buckten in Basel-Country and Trimbach in Solothurn. The pass road has a maximum grade of 6 percent.

The pass was probably already used by the Romans. In 1993, Roman artifacts were discovered at the pass. It also lies close to the Roman settlement of Augusta Raurica.