Unterweser Nuclear Power Plant

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Unterweser Nuclear Power Plant
Kernkraftwerk Unterweser fotogrfiert von der Weser.jpg
Country Germany
Coordinates 53°25′39.72″N 8°28′48.71″E / 53.4277000°N 8.4801972°E / 53.4277000; 8.4801972Coordinates: 53°25′39.72″N 8°28′48.71″E / 53.4277000°N 8.4801972°E / 53.4277000; 8.4801972
Status Being decommissioned
Construction began July 1, 1972
Commission date September 29, 1978
Owner(s) PreussenElektra
Operator(s) E.ON Edit this on Wikidata
Nuclear power station
Reactor type PWR
Cooling source Weser River
Cooling towers no
Power generation
Units operational 1 × 1,410 MW
Nameplate capacity 1,410 MW
Capacity factor 72.0%
Annual net output 8,891 GW·h
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The nuclear power station Unterweser is a nuclear power plant in Kleinensiel (Municipality of Stadland), close to Nordenham.

When it first started up, it was the largest nuclear reactor in the world. It has 193 fuel assemblies.

Unterweser was one of the seven reactors shut down on 17 March 2011 (although actual shutdown was several days later) pending the results of a three-month moratorium on nuclear power. On 30 May 2011, the German government announced that Unterweser would not be returning to operation following the moratorium and would be decommissioned.