Until We Die

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Until We Die
Until We Die.jpg
Studio album by A Global Threat
Released Summer 2000
Recorded May 1999
Genre Hardcore punk, Street punk
Length 27:24
Label GMM Records
A Global Threat chronology
What The Fuck Will Change?
Until We Die
In The Red

Until We Die is the second studio album by A Global Threat. It was originally released in summer 2000 on GMM Records. The original cd only pressing is out of print and difficult to find. It features cover art by bass guitarist Gabe Crate. The album was re-mastered and issued in 2012 on vinyl and cd format by Jailhouse Records.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Work or War"
  2. "We're All Equal in the End"
  3. "Money, Lies and Real Estate"
  4. "Fucking Racist Maggots"
  5. "When the Walls Come Crashing Down"
  6. "The Way It Is"
  7. "Who's to Blame"
  8. "Young and Dead"
  9. "Everyone's Afraid"
  10. "Elitist Attitudes"
  11. "Channel 4"
  12. "Where's the Money Gone?"
  13. "Filthy, Greedy, Guilty"
  14. "Until We Die"

Line up for recording[edit]

  • Bryan – vocals
  • Mark – vocals
  • Pete – guitar
  • Gabe – bass guitar
  • Mike – drums

Engineered by Dave Tarbox