Untitled (1998 painting by Ellen Gallagher)

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Untitled by Ellen Gallagher 1998.jpg
ArtistEllen Gallagher
MediumOil paint and enamel on paper on canvas
Dimensions305.30 cm × 244.40 cm (120.20 in × 96.22 in)
LocationNational Galleries of Scotland

Untitled is a painting by Ellen Gallagher. It is in the collection of the National Galleries of Scotland in Edinburgh.

The painting is many in a series that Gallagher produced of large scale, black paintings Gallagher used to explore her African-American heritage and early stereotypes of African Americans, including minstrel shows. To create Untitled, Gallagher glued paper to a canvas. She used black oil paint on the paper and on top of that, silver paint to create small, human lips in rows.[1]

The piece was acquired by the National Galleries and Scotland in 2008 with money from the d'Offay Donation and the National Heritage Memorial Fund.[1]

See also[edit]

  • Untitled, another painting in the same series by Gallagher


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