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Slint self titled EP.jpg
EP by Slint
Released August 29, 1994
Recorded Spring 1989
Length 13:04
Label Touch and Go
Producer Steve Albini (uncredited)
Slint chronology
untitled EP
Professional ratings
Review scores
AllMusic4.5/5 stars[1]

The untitled EP is the final release by the American band Slint. Recorded in 1989 prior to the release of the band's debut album, it remained unreleased until 1994, after the band had broken up.


The songs featured on the EP were recorded in the spring of 1989 with Steve Albini, who engineered Slint's first studio album. The album contains a previously unreleased song, "Glenn", and a reinterpretation of the song "Rhoda" from Tweez.

Both songs were intended to be released as a 12" single on Jennifer Hartman Records, as original copies of the Tweez LP included a flyer advertisement for the 12" as an insert; however, Slint signed to Touch and Go Records before it was sent to press and the master tapes were shelved. In 1994, Touch and Go released the EP in 10" and CD formats.[1]


Marc Gilman of Allmusic praised the album, describing it as "Slint's most important release" and "a requisite listen for anyone interested in the post-rock era." He also wrote: "Without lyrics, the music takes a precedence that it perhaps lacks on other albums."[1]

Track listing[edit]

Side one
1.Untitled ("Glenn")6:11
Side two
1.Untitled ("Rhoda")6:53


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