Untouchable (Lisa Lopes song)

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Lisa Lopes version[edit]

"Untouchable" was first issued on Lopes' album "Supernova", using the instrumental from the original version with vocals from Tupac Shakur from both the song and its freestyle version. The song was then re-mixed and re-recorded for Lopes' second studio album N.I.N.A. It was due to be released as the first single, but was never released. The song was re-mixed from the Supernova version and released under the title "Legendary" on Eye Legacy. This official album version does not feature Tupac Shakur.

Song by Lisa Lopes featuring 2Pac from the album Supernova / N.I.N.A
Released 2001
Recorded 2001
Genre Hip hop
Length 5:33/4:00
Label Arista/Death Row Records
Writer(s) L. Lopes, T. Shakur
Producer(s) Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes, Antonio "LA" Reid, & Mark Pitts
Supernova / N.I.N.A track listing
  1. Life Is Like a Park (featuring Carl Thomas)
  2. Hot!
  3. The Block Party
  4. Let Me Live
  5. Jenny (featuring Jazze Pha)
  6. I Believe in Me
  7. Rags to Riches (featuring Andre Rison)
  8. True Confessions (featuring Angela Hunte)
  9. Untouchable (featuring Tupac Shakur)
  10. Head to the Sky (featuring Blaque)
  11. The Universal Quest (featuring Esthero
  12. A New Star Is Born (featuring Tangi Forman)