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Last updated 24 April 2013; 3 years ago (2013-04-24)
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Licence Free software
Website sourceforge.net/projects/unxutils/
Development status Unmaintained
As of August 2015

UnxUtils is a collection of ports of common GNU Unix-like utilities to native Win32, with executables only depending on the Microsoft C-runtime msvcrt.dll. The collection was last updated externally on April 15, 2003 by Dr. Karl M. Syring. The most recent release package is now available as an open-source project, UnxUtils at SourceForge, with the latest binary release in March, 2007 (though the files within are dated from the year 2000). The independent distribution included a main zip archive (UnxUtils.zip, 3,365,638 bytes) complemented by more recent updates (UnxUpdates.zip, 878,847 bytes, brought some binaries up to year 2003), but the sourceforge project has no UnxUpdates.zip package. An alternative source of Unix-like utilities for Windows is GnuWin32; it has later versions of many programs, but requires supporting files (e.g. DLLs) in many cases.

The utilities included are:

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