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Unzhlag or Unzhensky ITL (Unzhensky corrective labor camp) (Russian: Унжлаг, Унженский ИТЛ) was a camp of the GULAG system of labor camps in the Soviet Union. Named after the Unzha River, it has headquarters at the railway station Sukhobezvodnoye (sometimes Sukhobezvodnaya) (Сухобезводное, Сухобезводная), Gorky Oblast. It operated from February 5, 1938 to 1960. Main operation was logging and wood processing industries. In addition a wide variety of other small-scale industries: construction, metalworking, railroad servicing, clothing, footwear, pottery production, etc. The camp had 30 sites (camp site: лагпункт) [1]

Notable inmates[edit]


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