Up-Country People's Front

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Up-Country People's Front
Leader Velusami Radhakrishnan MP
President Mrs. S. Chandrasekaran
Secretary-General A. Lawrence
Secretary S. Vijayakumaran
Youth Secretary T. Prasaad
Founder P. Chandrasekaran
Founded 1989
Headquarters 279 Fruit Hill Bazar, Hatton
Youth wing Up-country Youth Front
National affiliation Tamil Progressive Alliance
Colors Orange and brown[1]
Election symbol

The Up-Country People's Front is a political party in Sri Lanka. It is part of the Tamil Progressive Alliance.


The party was established in 1989.

At the last legislative elections, held on 2 April 2004, the party won 0.5% of the popular vote and 2 out of 225 seats. One is an elected seat and the second member of parliament was appointed through the national list of the United National Party.

The Leader of the party was P. Chandrasekaran, who was also The Minister of Community Development and Social Inequity Eradication in the current government. Chandrasekaran died on 1 January 2010, from a heart attack.

The second representative is P. Radhakrishnan, who is also the Minister of Vocational and Technical Training.


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