Up Close (Jesse McCartney album)

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Up Close
Up Close DVD Cover.jpg
Video by Jesse McCartney
Released September 20, 2005
Length 60 minutes
Label Hollywood
Jesse McCartney chronology
Up Close
Live: The Beautiful Soul Tour

Up Close is a DVD by American pop singer Jesse McCartney. It was released on September 20, 2005 through Hollywood Records and features music videos, live performances and behind the scenes footage.


Music videos

Live studio performances

  • "Beautiful Soul" (Sessions @ AOL)
  • "She's No You" (Sessions @ AOL)
  • "What's Your Name" (Taiwan TV)
  • "Without You" (Taiwan TV)
  • "Blackbird" (Stripped: Raw and Real)
  • "Stupid Things" (Stripped: Raw and Real)

Behind the scenes

  • "Beautiful Soul" (music video)
  • "She's No You" (music video)
  • "Get Your Shine On" (music video)
  • On the Beautiful Soul Tour

In-depth interviews

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