Up the Khyber

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"Up the Khyber"
Song by Pink Floyd
from the album Soundtrack from the Film More
PublishedLupus Music Co. Ltd
  • 13 June 1969 (1969-06-13) (UK)
  • 9 August 1969 (US)
RecordedFebruary 1969
Producer(s)Pink Floyd
Soundtrack from the Film More track listing

"Up the Khyber" is a piece of instrumental music by the British rock band Pink Floyd. It was written by their drummer Nick Mason, and keyboardist Richard Wright.[1][2]


The piece is an extended drum solo with added hectic piano playing, haunting organ lines, and unusual tape effects. It is approximately 2 minutes and 12 seconds long, and first appeared on Pink Floyd's Soundtrack from the Film More. It is the only Pink Floyd song credited to Mason/Wright.

The title is a rude joke since 'Khyber' is Cockney rhyming slang in which 'Khyber Pass' means 'arse'.[3] It may also allude to the 1968 film Carry On Up the Khyber.


The song was played live in a slightly modified form on The Man and The Journey where it was entitled, "Doing It!". It was also played as a part of "Interstellar Overdrive".

The Man and The Journey[edit]

"Up the Khyber" was one of the many tracks which were played at some point or another as "Doing It". Others include "Syncopated Pandemonium", "The Grand Vizier's Garden Party (Entertainment)", "Party Sequence" and "Skins". All of these prominently feature drums.



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