Upa River

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Upa river in Tula

The Upa (Russian: Упа́, Russian pronunciation: [ʊˈpa]) is a river in Tula Oblast, Russia, and one of the main tributaries of the Oka River.

The river is 345 kilometres (214 mi) long; the city of Tula is situated on its banks. The name of the river is of Baltic origin.[1]


  1. ^ E.M. Pospelov, Geograficheskie nazvaniya mira (Moscow: Russkie slovari, 1998), p. 423: "cf. Lithuanian ùpė, upìs, upỹs, Latvian upe 'river, stream.'"

Coordinates: 54°02′07″N 36°20′03″E / 54.03528°N 36.33417°E / 54.03528; 36.33417