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Upadhyay, also spelled Upadhyaya (sanskrit: उपाध्याय), is a surname used by some Brahmin people in Nepal and India.

Upādhyāya is the surname of some members of the Madhwa Shivalli Brahmins and Havyaka Brahmins of Karnataka, Kota Brahmins of the Kundapur and surrounding areas of Udupi and the Audichya Brahmins of Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh. The Gujarat Brahmins of Shandilya are in Surat.[1][not in citation given] Amongst Telugu Brahmins, Upadhyay is turned into Upadhyayula, with an "ula" at the end.

Notable people[edit]

In Jainism[edit]

In Jainism, an upadhyay is the second highest leader of a Jain ascetic order after an acharya. The Fourth Shloka of the Namokar Mantra says Namo Uvvajhayanam meaning bow to all upadhyayas. The current upadhyay in Jainism is Upadhyay Niyamsagar.[citation needed]

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