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Upamanyu is a rigvedic rishi. He was devotee of lord Shiva . Lord Shiva pleased with his tapasya gave him boon & blessings.

He is said to be the father or ancestor of sage Kamboja Aupamanyava referred to in the Vamsa Brahmana (1.18) of the Sama Veda.[1]


His tale was made into Bal Yogi Upamanyu movie in 1958 by Harsukh Bhatt starring Anil, Gadadhar Sharma, Lalita Pawar, Sulochana, Ajit, Athavale, Jeevan, Kailas Thakkar, Kanahiya Lal, Mohan Choti, Raja, Shalini, Sita Ram, Tikaram, Vinod Kumar and Madan Puri.


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