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Update Jane Zhang.jpg
Studio album by Jane Zhang
Released August 2, 2007
Genre Mandopop
Language Mandarin
Label Huayi Brothers Music
Jane Zhang chronology
The One
Dear Jane EP

Update was Jane Zhang's second studio album that was released on August 2, 2007. Zhang had spent one year in preparations for this album. [1] When asked about the album's name "Update," Zhang explained that this is an up-graded step from her first album, "The One." R&B and jazz style songs were included in the new album.[1] One of her tracks, We Are Together (simplified Chinese: 我们在一起; traditional Chinese: 我們在一起)was produced for a project by the United Nations Children's Fund. [2]

When promoting her album in Shanghai on August 23, 2007, over 400 fans attended the event. The event turned into a charity activity as Zhang announced that all the proceeds she received at the event will be donated to a girl, who is suffering from leukemia.[3]

The track "我們說好的" (What We Agreed) was nominated for Top 10 Gold Songs at the Hong Kong TVB8 Awards, presented by television station TVB8, in 2007. [4]

Track listing[edit]

  1. Help Out (simplified Chinese: 帮帮忙; traditional Chinese: 幫幫忙) (3:43)
  2. Dream Party (3:46)
  3. Love That Can't Be Given (simplified Chinese: 给不起的爱; traditional Chinese: 給不起的愛) (4:04)
  4. Sunset Boulevard (Chinese: 日落大道) (3:50)
  5. A Promise (simplified Chinese: 我们说好的; traditional Chinese: 我們說好的)
  6. What We Agreed (simplified Chinese: 我们说好的; traditional Chinese: 我們說好的)
  7. Sorrowful G Major (simplified Chinese: G大调的悲伤; traditional Chinese: G大調的悲傷)
  8. Yalta
  9. Your Song
  10. Expiration Date (simplified Chinese: 保鲜期; traditional Chinese: 保鮮期)
  11. Jane's Demo
  12. We Are Together (simplified Chinese: 我们在一起; traditional Chinese: 我們在一起)


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