Upernavik Glacier

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Upernavik Glacier
Location Upernavik Archipelago, Greenland
Coordinates 72°50′N 54°10′W / 72.833°N 54.167°W / 72.833; -54.167Coordinates: 72°50′N 54°10′W / 72.833°N 54.167°W / 72.833; -54.167
Terminus Upernavik Icefjord
Upernavik Glacier is located in Upernavik Archipelago
Upernavik Glacier
Upernavik Glacier (Upernavik Archipelago)

Upernavik Glacier (Greenlandic: Sermeq, Danish: Upernavik isstrøm) is a large tidewater glacier in the Qaasuitsup municipality on the northwestern shore of Greenland. It drains a large portion of the Greenland ice sheet westwards into Upernavik Icefjord.[1]


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