Upernivik Island

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For Upernavik island, see Upernavik.
Upernivik Ø
Upernivik is located in Greenland
Location Uummannaq Fjord
Coordinates 71°16′N 52°45′W / 71.267°N 52.750°W / 71.267; -52.750Coordinates: 71°16′N 52°45′W / 71.267°N 52.750°W / 71.267; -52.750
Area 540 km2 (210 sq mi)
Length 30 km (19 mi)
Width 24.4 km (15.16 mi)
Highest elevation 1,903 m (6,243 ft)
Highest point Palup Qaqa
Municipality Qaasuitsup

Upernivik Island (Danish: Upernivik Ø) is an uninhabited[1] island in the Qaasuitsup municipality in northwestern Greenland.


Upernivik Island is located in the Uummannaq Fjord where it is the largest island with an area of 540 km2 (208.5 sq mi).[1]

The island is very mountainous.[2] Its highest point is Palup Qaqaa, an ultra-prominent peak at 71°20′17″N 72°48′17″W / 71.33806°N 72.80472°W / 71.33806; -72.80472 reaching 1,903.47 m (6,245.0 ft).[3]

Location of Upernivik Island.
Aerial view of southwestern Upernivik Island

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