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Uperoleia tyleri.jpg
Tyler's Toadlet, (Uperoleia tyleri)
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Amphibia
Order: Anura
Family: Myobatrachidae
Genus: Uperoleia
Gray, 1841

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Uperoleia is a genus of frogs, native to Australia in the family Myobatrachidae. These are small squat frogs, more commonly known as "toadlets". They have glandular skin, often with a pair of raised glands behind each eye, or on the flanks.

They have bumpy, rough skin giving them the appearance of a small toad, hence the name "toadlet", although they are often called "gungans" in Queensland. There are two distinct types of calls - Uperoleia species make either a "click" or a "squelch". Generally, the "clicking" Uperoleia have long thin inguinal glands that run along the dorsal surface, while the "squelching" Uperoleia have round inguinal glands restricted to the posterior half of the dorsal surface. It is unusual to find more than one species of "clickers" or "squelchers" in the same location, although finding one of each is quite frequent in northern Australia. The species in this genus show great similarities in body shape and colouration making them difficult to tell apart. Call analysis is often required to confirm identification. This genus is the largest of any in the Myobatrachidae family.

Clicking Uperoleia include U. glandulosa, U. aspera, U. minima, U. trachyderma, U. lithomoda, U. littlejohni, U. altissima, U. mimula, and U. rugosa. The squelching Uperoleia include U. russelli, U. saxatilis, U. talpa, U. borealis, U. crassa, and U. inundata. The eastern species U. laevigata, U. fusca, U. tyleri, and U. martini are also squelchers, but are distantly related. The species U. mjobergi, U. micromeles, U. micra, and U. daviesae are distinct from these other groups.[1]


Common name Binomial name
Montane Toadlet Uperoleia altissima
(Davies, Watson, McDonald, Trenerry & Werren, 1993)
Jabiru Toadlet Uperoleia arenicola (Tyler, Davies & Martin, 1981)
Derby Toadlet Uperoleia aspera (Tyler, Davies & Martin, 1981)
Northern Toadlet Uperoleia borealis (Tyler, Davies & Martin, 1981)
Small-headed Toadlet Uperoleia capitulata (Davies, McDonald & Corben, 1986)
Fat Toadlet Uperoleia crassa (Tyler, Davies & Martin, 1981)
Dusky Toadlet Uperoleia fusca (Davies, McDonald & Corben, 1986)
Glandular Toadlet Uperoleia glandulosa (Davies, Mahony & Roberts, 1985)
Flood Plain Toadlet Uperoleia inundata (Tyler, Davies & Martin, 1981)
Smooth Toadlet Uperoleia laevigata (Keferstein, 1867)
Stonemason Toadlet Uperoleia lithomoda (Tyler, Davies & Martin, 1981)
Littlejohn's Toadlet Uperoleia littlejohni (Davies, McDonald & Corben, 1986)
Marbled Toadlet
or Yellow-spotted Toadlet
Uperoleia marmorata (Gray, 1841)
Martin's Toadlet Uperoleia martini (Davies & Littlejohn, 1986)
Tanami Toadlet Uperoleia micromeles (Tyler, Davies & Martin, 1981)
Mimic Toadlet Uperoleia mimula (Davies, McDonald & Corben, 1986)
Small Toadlet Uperoleia minima (Tyler, Davies & Martin, 1981)
Mjoberg's Toadlet Uperoleia mjobergi (Andersson, 1913)
Alexandria Toadlet Uperoleia orientalis (Parker, 1940)
Red-groined Toadlet
or Wrinkled Toadlet
Uperoleia rugosa (Andersson, 1916)
Russell's Toadlet Uperoleia russelli (Loveridge, 1933)
Pilbara Toadlet Uperoleia saxatilis Catullo et al., 2011[2]
Mole Toadlet Uperoleia talpa (Tyler, Davies & Martin, 1981)
Blacksoil Toadlet Uperoleia trachyderma (Tyler, Davies & Martin, 1981)
Tyler’s Toadlet Uperoleia tyleri (Davies & Littlejohn, 1986)


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