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Upland or Uplands may refer to:

  • Hill, an area of higher land, generally
  • Highland, an area of higher land divided into low and high points
  • Upland and lowland, conditional descriptions of a plain based on elevation above sea level
Place names

In Canada:

  • CFB Uplands, a former Canadian Forces Base located in Ottawa, Ontario, most land was given to Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport
  • Uplands, Greater Victoria, a Vancouver Island neighbourhood in the northeast Oak Bay, which is adjacent to Victoria, British Columbia
    • Uplands Park, an undeveloped natural reserve in the Uplands neighbourhood
  • Uplands Ski Centre, a tiny, one-lift ski area in Thornhill, Ontario, just north of Toronto

In Germany:

  • Upland (Hesse), lies mostly in the northwestern Rothaar Mountains, with parts in the East Sauerland foothills

In Norway:

  • Uplands, Norway, an ancient name for the agricultural lands and forests to the north of Oslo in Norway

In South Africa:

  • Uplands College, an Anglican, independent high school near Mpumalanga, South Africa

In Sweden:

  • Uppland, a historical province on the eastern coast of Sweden, just north of Stockholm
  • Uplands nation, a student society at Uppsala University, Sweden

In the United States:

  • Upland South, the northern part of the Southern United States, in contrast to the Deep South
  • Upland, California, in San Bernardino County
  • Upland, Monterey County, California, a former settlement located on the Southern Pacific Railroad between San Lucas and San Ardo
  • Upland, Indiana, a town in Jefferson Township, Grant County, Indiana, United States, population 3,845 (2010)
  • Indiana Uplands, a geographical region in south-central Indiana
  • Upland, Kansas, a rural unincorporated community in Dickinson County, Kansas, United States
  • Upland, Nebraska, a village in Franklin County, Nebraska, United States, population 143 (2010)
  • Upland, Pennsylvania, a borough in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, United States, population 3,239 (2010)

In the United Kingdom:

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