Upland Brewing Company

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Upland Brewing Company
IndustryAlcoholic beverage
HeadquartersBloomington, Indiana
United States
Production output
35,000 barrels per year
Ownerlocal investors

Upland Brewing Company, founded in 1997, is a brewery in Bloomington, Monroe County, Indiana. It is currently the second largest brewery in Indiana and as of 2011 has over 10,000 barrels of production.[1]


Upland Brewing Company was founded in 1997 by Marc Sattinger, Russ Levitt and Dean LaPlante. The brewery takes its name from the Indiana Uplands, a geographic region of southern Indiana, with Bloomington being near their northern terminus. In 1998, distribution of bottles and kegs began and the brewpub opened its doors. By 2004 its distribution had reached all 92 counties of Indiana. The microbrewery has a popular onsite brewpub featuring live music and an art gallery. In 2006, ownership changed hands to a group of local investors. By 2010, distribution had expanded to southern Wisconsin, namely the Milwaukee and Madison areas, and to northern Kentucky, primarily the Louisville region. In 2009 a separate tasting room opened in Indianapolis in the Meridian-Kessler/south Broad Ripple neighborhood.

In 2011 they announced plans to open a new brewing facility in Bloomington. This facility was completed in Spring 2012, located on the west side of Bloomington at Profile Parkway and Curry Pike. This 37,000 square foot facility will be the primary brewing facility for Upland, encompassing their everyday and seasonal lineup. The 11th Street brewery will be scaled down to become a research and development facility and primarily be the site of Upland's growing Belgian-style wild ales. Future plans include expansion of the brewpub as well. In the summer of 2016, Upland opened a new location in Columbus. It is fixed in the old Columbus Pump House building on Lindsey St. downtown, giving it the name the "Pump House."[2]


Upland Brewing Company has a regular lineup of seven diverse beers as well as multiple seasonal brews. Everyday Brews include:

  • Wheat Ale (their "signature beer") - Won Gold at the Great American Beer Festival, 2002, in the Fruit Wheat Ale Category.
  • Dragonfly India Pale Ale
  • Rad Red Amber Ale
  • Helios Pale Ale - Won Bronze at the World Beer Cup, 2010, in the English Summer Ale Category[3]
  • Bad Elmer's Porter - Won Bronze at the World Beer Cup, 2004.
  • Champagne Velvet
  • Coastbuster Imperial IPA

Seasonal brews include:

  • Komodo Dragonfly Black India Pale Ale
  • Ard Ri Imperial Red Ale
  • Maibock
  • Nut Hugger Brown Ale
  • Oktoberfest - Won Silver at the World Beer Cup, 2010, in the American-Style Amber/Marzen Lager Category[3]
  • Schwarz Black Lager
  • Easy Chair Amber Ale
  • Winter Warmer Barleywine-Style Ale - Won Silver at the World Beer Cup, 2008, in the Old Ale Category [4]

Popular Culture[edit]

Upland beer bottles and signage appear throughout the television show Parks and Recreation.

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