Upon the Bridge

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Upon the Bridge
Studio album by Groundation
Released October 17, 2006
Recorded April – July, 2006
Genre Reggae
Label Young Tree
Producer Harrison Stafford
Marcus Urani
Groundation chronology
Dub Wars
(2005)Dub Wars2005
Upon the Bridge
Here I Am
(2009)Here I Am2009

Upon the Bridge is the sixth album by American reggae band Groundation. The album was released October 17, 2006 on Young Tree Records. The album features the voices of Pablo Moses and Ijahman Levi.

According to the band, "Upon the Bridge is an individual's journey beyond the known world to a bridge of mythic proportion. In search of hope and prosperity the individual must make the journey across the bridge leading to an unknown future."[1]

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Stafford [2].

No. Title Length
1. "What Could Have Been" 5:41
2. "Down" 4:15
3. "Me Na in De" 4:19
4. "Ratant Crow" 4:59
5. "Nonbeliever" 6:26
6. "Upon the Bridge" 4:58
7. "Used to Laugh" 4:56
8. "Fight All You Can" 4:01
9. "Mighty Souls" 5:10
10. "Sleeping Bag-O-Wire" 5:53
11. "The Seesaw" 6:54



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