Upper Cascades (Hanging Rock)

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Upper Cascades
Labor Day 2005 Pics 063.jpg
Upper Cascades, September 2005
Location Hanging Rock State Park, Stokes County, North Carolina
Coordinates 36°23′46″N 80°16′11″W / 36.396177°N 80.269823°W / 36.396177; -80.269823
Type Cascade
Total height 25 ft (8 m)
Number of drops 1

Upper Cascades is a waterfall in North Central North Carolina, located in Hanging Rock State Park, in Stokes County.


The waterway is Cascades Creek, which flows through Hanging Rock State Park. The falls flow over a steep cascade before continuing down Cascades Creek to Lower Cascades.

Visiting the Falls[edit]

The falls are open to the public and are accessible from the main parking area at Hanging Rock State Park. Visitors may take an easy 0.3-mile (.5 km) trail to the falls. There is an overlook at the falls, but the falls themselves are not visible from the overlook. Visitors will need to continue down the short series of stairs on the side of the overlook to actually view the falls.

Nearby Falls[edit]

Hanging Rock State Park hosts 4 other waterfalls:

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