Upper Flood Swallet

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Upper Flood Swallet
Neverland. Upper Flood Swallet , Charterhouse (geograph 4144542).jpg
Location Charterhouse, Somerset
Depth 110m
Length 4.1km
Discovery 3 October 1968[1]
Geology Limestone
Entrances 1
Difficulty Extensive system with tight strenuous sections
Access Leader controlled by Mendip Caving Group; experienced cavers only
Cave survey MCG Upper Flood Survey 2012

Upper Flood Swallet (grid reference ST50575576) which was originally known as Blackmoor Flood Swallet, is a cave near Charterhouse, in the carboniferous limestone of the Mendip Hills, in Somerset, England. The cave is part of the Cheddar Complex SSSI.

The entrance was revealed in the Great Flood of 1968,[2] giving the cave its name.[3] It was dug consistently since then with breakthroughs occurring in 1971, 1972, 1985 and 2006.[1]

As of September 2008 it is over 3.5 km in length and around 125 m deep.[4]

The 2006 breakthrough[edit]

In September 2006 cavers squeezed through an excavated boulder choke into new passage. In a series of three digging trips they discovered 1.2 km of well decorated cave.[5]

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Coordinates: 51°17′56″N 2°42′37″W / 51.29881°N 2.71037°W / 51.29881; -2.71037