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Upper Gage Avenue is an Upper City (mountain) arterial road in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. It starts off at Concession Street in front of Mountain Drive Park and works its way southward and ends just past Rymal Road beside Broughton West Park 2. It is a two-way street throughout. As with most of the "Upper" streets, their addresses start at roughly the point where their lower counterpart finishes just below the Escarpment and were originally labelled without the "Upper" prefix.


Named Upper Gage Avenue because it is in approximate alignment with Gage Avenue in the Lower City Hamilton. Gage Avenue is named after James Gage, a lumber merchant and his uncle William Gage, a farmer. Together James and William had a farm that was the site of the Battle of Stoney Creek during the War of 1812. The wounded were treated inside their home and they were both awarded compensation for it by the government.[1] Originally Gage Street was called Trolley Street.[2]


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Roads that are parallel with Upper Gage Avenue[edit]

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Roads that cross Upper Gage Avenue[edit]

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Note #2: Prior to the completion of the Lincoln M. Alexander Parkway in 1997, Upper James, Upper Wentworth & Upper Gage crossed Limeridge Road and today they no longer do. Sections of Limeridge Road were cut off and removed at the above 3 locations to make way for the Expressway's exit ramps. The Expressway is South of Limeridge Road and runs parallel with it.


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