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Upper Paradise Road is an Upper City (mountain) collector road in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. It starts off just north of Scenic Drive by Cliffview Park and extends southward where it ends just south of Rymal Road beside Carpenter Park. It is a two-way street throughout.


It is named Upper Paradise Road because it is in alignment with Paradise Road in Lower City Hamilton. Paradise Road got its name because it led into Cootes Paradise. Paradise Road spent many years known as West Street, because it was the western boundary of the city from 1846 until approximately 1920.[1]


These landmarks are listed from north to south.

  • Mountain-access stairs (connecting the Chedoke Civic Golf Course in Lower City to Scenic Drive on the mountain)
  • Niagara Escarpment
  • Bruce Trail
  • Cliffview Park
  • Westcliffe Mall (shopping / commercial)
  • Regina Mundi Church
  • Regina Mundi Elementary School
  • Fonthill Park (off Hadeland Avenue)
  • Lincoln M. Alexander Parkway, "The LINC"
  • Gilkson Park (off Greenshire Drive)
  • Shawinigan Park (off Wingfield Place)
  • Tim Hortons
  • St. Thomas More Catholic Secondary School
  • William Schwenger Park
  • Carpenter Park


These neighbourhoods are listed from north to south. [2]

Roads that are parallel with Upper Paradise Road[edit]

These roads are listed from west to east.

Roads that cross Upper Paradise Road[edit]

These streets are listed from north to south.


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