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Upper Valley Career Center is career and technical school for high school and adult students in Piqua, Ohio. The school prepares students for success in a career field of their choosing and for continued education.

The high school serves 850-1,000 high school on campus and approximately 3,000 students in satellite programs offered in associate middle and high schools across the district.


Upper Valley Career Center is located at 8811 Career Drive, Piqua, Ohio 45356. Bordered by Edison State Community College to the South and Piqua High School to the North, the career center is ideally located to serve the citizens of both Miami and Shelby counties.

Those facilities include[edit]

  • Adult Technology Center, Piqua, Ohio
  • Garbry Conference and Learning Center, Piqua, Ohio
  • Health Science Center, Piqua, Ohio

About the School[edit]

Upper Valley Career Center, previously known as Upper Valley JVS offers students training in a variety of in-demand career fields. Upper Valley Career serves area high school students by providing the training and technology utilized by 26 career-technical programs on the main campus. In addition to the career-tech courses the school delivers top-notch program-related and state mandated academic curriculum required for graduation. Industry recognized credentials and preparation for licensure testing provides graduates an important and life changing step ahead.

High School students participate in national career and tech student organizations including Skills USA, FCCLA, FEA and FFA. The uniquew student learning experience is hands on and includes student enterprise such as a student operated restaurant, the Cornerstone@8811; greenhouse offerings; a Cosmotology Salon; and a State licensed Pre school.


Upper Valley Career Center opened as Upper Valley JVS in 1975 first offering Adult Education courses during that summer and alternative high school programming to juniors and seniors that fall. Since that time the programming has changed and adapted in order to prepare students for current and future shifts within their chosen industry. The school launched a one-to-one laptop program in 2012 and continues providing each on-campus high school student with a dedicated device that enables them to communicate and learn on and off campus.

Associate Schools[edit]

Students from many other schools attend the Career Center through open enrollment.

Industry Support[edit]

Upper Valley Career Center is fortunate to have the support of business and industry from the surrounding areas. Over 500 individuals, many graduates of Upper Valley, serve on Advisory Committees which help direct the curriculum and technology updates. Their continued support through service on Advisory Committee and by hiring students through Apprenticeships, Advanced and Early Placement is credited with maintaining the school's reputation as the area's leader in career and technical education.

Programs for 2017[edit]


  • Students must be at least a Junior with sufficient credits and gpa.


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