Upper Voltan presidential election, 1978

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Presidential elections were held in the Republic of Upper Volta on 14 May 1978, with a second round on 28 May after no candidate won more than 50% in the first round. They were the country's first multi-party presidential elections, the previous elections in 1965 having Maurice Yaméogo as the sole candidate. The result was a victory for independent candidate Sangoulé Lamizana, who was backed by the Voltaic Democratic Union-African Democratic Rally and won 56.3% of votes in the second round.[1] Voter turnout was 35.2% in the first round and 43.6% in the second.[2]


In 1966, Yaméogo left office after a general strike in opposition to his rule, and was replaced by a provisional military government led by Lamizana. In 1970, a new Constitution was ratified, which was later revised and ratified in 1977. After the passage of the new constitution in 1977, a presidential election was held in 1978.


Candidate Party First round Second round
Votes % Votes %
Sangoulé Lamizana Independent 425,302 42.2 711,722 56.3
Macaire Ouédraogo National Union for the Defence of Democracy 254,467 25.2 552,954 43.7
Joseph Ouédraogo Rejectors Front-African Democratic Rally 167,120 16.6
Joseph Ki-Zerbo Voltaic Progressive Union 162,031 16.1
Invalid/blank votes 19,695 18,870
Total 1,028,653 100 1,283,546 100
Registered voters/turnout 2,924,785 35.2 2,947,527 43.6
Source: Nohlen et al.


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