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Buss i Stora Torget, Uppsala.jpg
Stora Torget in the centre of Uppsala is a major stop for city buses
Founded 1954
Headquarters Uppsala, Sweden
Service area Uppsala County, Gävleborg County, Västmanland, Stockholm.
Service type Public transport
Alliance Nobina Sverige
Hubs Uppsala Centralstation, Stockholm Centralstation, Gävle Rail Station.

Upplands Lokaltrafik (UL) is the primary operator of public transport buses and trains at the county level (Swedish: länstrafik) in Uppsala County, Sweden. Their name is derived from the historical province of Uppland, which included the modern county along with part of what is now Stockholm County.

The green city buses (Stadsbussarna) in Uppsala are operated by UL in co-operation with the city government. Yellow regional buses (Regionbussarna) cover most of the county, with a major hub at Uppsala Central Station; some run on to major destinations in neighbouring counties. UL's commuter railway route, Upptåget, connects Uppsala and neighbouring small towns with Tierp and Gävle in the north, and Sala in the West.

Buses within Uppsala are operated by the county-owned company Gamla Uppsala Buss. UL's long-distance services are operated by private contractors, including Nobina Sverige, Busslink, Kristian Larsson, and others. Operation of Upptåget trains was contracted out to the national railway SJ, who also operate services through the county on their own behalf, connecting it with destinations farther afield including Stockholm, Sundsvall, and Falun. DSB (railway company) won a contract to operate trains from June 2011 onwards.[1]


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