Uprooted (Absent Element album)

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EP by Absent Element
Released October 20, 2005
Genre Hard rock
Length 31:48
Label Self-released
Producer Absent Element

Uprooted is the third CD released by the band Absent Element. The first was a three-song CD titled "Absent Element", and the second, was a four-song CD titled "Motionless". Absent Element members included Chris Daughtry on vocals and guitar, Ryan Andrews on bass, Mark Perry on lead and rhythm guitar, and Scott Crawford on drums/percussion. The songs "Conviction" and "Breakdown" were combined and re-recorded as the song "Breakdown" for Daughtry's self-titled debut album. "Seven 4" is named after the song's time signature of 7

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Breakdown" 4:18
2. "Conviction" 5:30
3. "Weaker Side" 5:05
4. "So I Lie Awake" 5:09
5. "Seven 4" 3:36
6. "Let Me In" 4:04
7. "Keep Me Close" 4:06


  • Chris Daughtry: Vocals and Guitar
  • Mark Perry: Lead and Rhythm Guitar
  • Ryan Andrews: Bass
  • Scott Crawford: Drums/Percussion