Upshift Strikeracer

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Upshift Strikeracer
Developer(s) NChannel[1]
Publisher(s) Gala-net inc. (Through gPotato portal)[1]
Platform(s) Windows
Release World: 12 September 2007[2]
Genre(s) MMO racing
Mode(s) Multiplayer (There's a time-trial mode on which the user plays alone)

Upshift Strikeracer (USR) was a MMO racing video game developed by NChannel[3] and published by gPotato[4] for PC. The game consists of multiple cars that race each other and featuring guns and other weapons that can be mounted to battle and race against other players. The game was released in Summer of 2007 by its publisher.[5] The game service was terminated on 5 October 2010 due to expiration of licensing agreement.[6]


Combat Weapons[edit]


The players can use turbo to get a temporary speed boost. Turbo is accumulated while driving. In strike mode, the players can get additional turbo from powerups and in racing, the players gain additional turbos by drifting.


The players can pick a number of powerups by driving over them on the road. They don't know which powerup they are getting before they actually pick it up. Some powerups are good (shield, kinetic charge, turbo boost) and some are bad (the bomb that blows up the player that uses it).


Players are able to create clubs which are just clans or guilds in other games and are all about socializing. The club pages allowed people to talk about the game, post screenshots, manage the club and so on. Unfortunately the club pages are currently down due to some security issues so nobody can make a club, join a club or leave a club.

Ranking and monetary system[edit]

Players get two things after each race: light and reputation.

Light is what you would call experience (exp) in any other game. The more light the player accumulates, the higher his rank becomes. Players get more light the higher they or their team finishes.

Reputation is the in-game money. Players get more reputation by finishing higher and by making takedowns (kills) of other players. Reputation is used to purchase better cars, better weapons, better armor and other accessories.

There is another type of in-game money called gpotato which needs to be purchased with real money and is also used by all other gpotato games. This allows players to buy some items they couldn't acquire otherwise.

Game modes[edit]

Single and team races[edit]

The player can play by himself against all the other players (up to 7) or as a part of one of two teams with equal number of players (up to 4). In the single-player mode luck plays a very big role, whereas in team player mode strategy is more important.


In Strikeracing, players race against each other to be first and may use weapons as a deterrent for their opponents. Some players opt for making as many takedowns as possible instead. This is one of the most commonly played modes.


This mode is similar to Strikeracing, but weapons are not allowed.[7] This lets the players concentrate more on actual racing than trying to evade the opponents' weapons. In racing, players can refill their turbo by making drifts, so drifting is the most important skill.

Time attack[edit]

This game mode consists of the player racing without other opponents and without weapons to try the best time he can get. gPotato introduced a contest; any driver who wishes to participate donates 50 REP (reputation - In-game currency) if ranked 4 or higher. Lower ranks can play this for free so they can get to know the tracks before they start racing and getting shot at. At the end of each contest, the player that has the best time gets 50% of the total REP donated. The number 2 and 3 share the other 50% of the donated REP.