Upsilon Pi Epsilon

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Upsilon Pi Epsilon
Upsilon Pi Epsilon Logo
Abbreviation ΥΠΕ
Formation 1967
Type Honor Society
Executive Director
OSM, Ph.D.

Upsilon Pi Epsilon (ΥΠΕ): International Honor Society for the Computing and Information Disciplines, is the first honor society dedicated to the discipline of the computing and information disciplines. Informally known as UPE, Upsilon Pi Epsilon was founded in 1967 at Texas A&M University and has chartered over 270 chapters at college campuses across the world. Since that time, a second computer-field specific honorary was established with the name Epsilon Delta Pi.[1] With the rise of importance of information technology to many fields, other honorary societies have added computer science to their traditional scope.[2]

Upsilon Pi Epsilon is endorsed by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Computer Society (IEEE-CS), the two largest computer organizations in the world.[citation needed] Aside from conferring honor on computer science and computer engineering students, it has a large involvement with the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest. UPE is a member of the ACHS - Association of College Honor Societies.

Membership in UPE, like many other honor societies, is lifetime. Newly inducted student members get a free year of ACM student level membership as well. Additionally, UPE gives out a number of scholarships for its members and those who are active student members or the ACM and IEEE-CS.


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  2. ^ An example is Sigma Zeta, whose discipline scope now includes natural sciences/mathematics/computer science

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