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Ur is the Basque word for 'water'.

This root may be found in many place names and some derivates as:

House names (thus family names)[edit]

  • Uhalde or Ugalde, from ur alde 'water side'; Family names: Duhalde, Uhalt, Duhalt.
  • Uharte or Ugarte, from ur arte 'between water' ('between two brooks'; 'island'); Family names: Duhart, Duarte'.

River names (thus village names)[edit]

and probably:

  • Urioko erreka, tributary of the Figareliko erreka in Sare (Uri, tributary of the Harane in Sare).
  • Oria, coastal river in Lasarte-Oria.
  • Urlo, tributary of the Haltzabala from Espelette and Souraïde.
  • Urma, tributary of the Nivelle from Ainhoa.