Urachal cyst

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Urachal cyst
Classification and external resources
Specialty medical genetics
ICD-10 Q64.4
ICD-9-CM 753.7
DiseasesDB 32765
MeSH D014496

A urachal cyst is a sinus remaining from the allantois during embryogenesis. It is a cyst which occurs in the remnants between the umbilicus and bladder.[1] This is a type of cyst occurring in a persistent portion of the urachus, presenting as an extraperitoneal mass in the umbilical region. It is characterized by abdominal pain, and fever if infected. It may rupture, leading to peritonitis, or it may drain through the umbilicus.[1] Urachal cysts are usually silent clinically until infection, calculi or adenocarcinoma develop.[2]


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