Urakami Station

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Urakami Station

Urakami station ekisya.jpg
LocationKawaguchi-machi, Nagasaki, Nagasaki
( 長崎県長崎市川口町)
Operated byJR Kyushu
Line(s)Nagasaki Main Line
Previous namesNagasaki (until 1905)
Passengers (2005)3,801 daily
The platforms at Urakami Station

Urakami Station (浦上駅, Urakami-eki) is a railway station in Kawaguchi-chō, Nagasaki, Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan. It is operated by JR Kyushu and is on the Nagasaki Main Line. It is the station where the "old line" and "new line" sections of the Nagasaki Line intersect. In front of the station is the Urakami Ekimae stop on the Nagasaki Electric Tramway.


The current station building was built after the previous one was burnt down by the atomic bombing. There is one automatic ticket machine, but no automatic turnstile. Urakami Station has two island platforms facing each other, servicing two tracks. There is an overhead walkway connecting the two platforms.

1 Limited Express Kamome
Express Seaside Liner
Nagasaki Main Line
To Nagasaki
2 Limited Express Kamome To IsahayaSagaHakata
Express Seaside Liner To Isahaya・ŌmuraHuis ten BoschSasebo
Nagasaki Main Line(via Ichinuno To Isahaya・YueHizen-YamaguchiTosu
Nagasaki Main Line(via Nagayo)・Ōmura Line To Isahaya・Ōmura・Huis ten Bosch・Sasebo


In front of the station is the Urakami Ekimae stop of the Nagasaki Electric Tramway. Behind the station is a hospital, and nearby are condos, concert halls, broadcast stations and schools among other things. Many of the people who use this station are commuters to these places.

Educational facilities[edit]

  • Kassui High School and Junior High School
  • Nagasaki Nishi High School
  • Fuchi Junior High School
  • Zenza Elementary School
  • Sakamoto Elementary School
  • Kitakyushu Preparatory School
  • Nagasaki University School of Medicine
  • Nagasaki University School of Dentistry

Medical care[edit]

  • Nagasaki University Hospital of Medicine and Dentistry
  • Japanese Red Cross Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Hospital
  • Nagasaki Prefecture Medical Association Hall

Cultural facilities[edit]

  • Nagasaki National Peace Memorial Hall for the Atomic Bomb Victims
  • Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum
  • Nagasaki City Peace Hall
  • Nagasaki City Museum of History and Folklore
  • Nagasaki Brick Hall


  • Nagasaki Shimbun
  • Nagasaki Cultural Telecasting Corporation


On average 3,801 people use this station per day (2005 estimate).


Stone monument noting that this was the site of the original Nagasaki Station.
Urakami Station immediately following the atomic bombing.
View of the old station circa 1899.

When this station first opened on July 22, 1897, it was called Nagasaki Station. Even today there is a stone monument in one corner of the station plaza which reads "The Site of Nagasaki Station" (「長崎駅址」). On August 9, 1945 the station was destroyed by the nuclear bomb dropped on Nagasaki.

  • 1897-07-22 - Opens for business as Nagasaki Station, the terminal station of the Nagasaki Line of Kyushu Railways.
  • 1905-04-05 - The line extends and the station is renamed to Urakami Station.
  • 1907-07-01 - The station becomes nationally run according to the nationalization of Kyushu Railways.
  • 1909-10-12 - Japanese National Railways renames the line the Nagasaki Main Line (長崎本線).
  • 1945-08-09 - Damaged by the atomic bombing.
  • 1972-10-02 - The "new line" section of the Nagasaki Main Line opens and Urakami Station becomes a junction for the new and old sections of the line.
  • 1976-06-06 - The track between Tosu Station and Nagasaki Station (Nagasaki) becomes electrified.
  • 1987-04-01 - Japanese National Railways privatizes and JR Kyushu becomes the station's operator.

Adjacent stations[edit]

Isahaya   Nagasaki Main Line (Limited Express Kamome)   Nagasaki
Kikitsu   Nagasaki Main Line (Rapid Seaside Liner※)   Nagasaki
Utsutsugawa   Nagasaki Main Line ("new line" local service)   Nagasaki
Nishi-Urakami   Nagasaki Main Line ("old line" local service)   Nagasaki

※Some trains are different in a station to stop.

Coordinates: 32°45′56″N 129°51′48″E / 32.765449°N 129.863292°E / 32.765449; 129.863292