Ural Typhoon

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Ural Typhoon
Ural Typhoon 63095 MRAP
Type Infantry mobility vehicle
Place of origin Russian Federation
Service history
In service 2014-present
Used by Russian Armed Forces
Production history
Designer GAZ Group
Designed 2010
Manufacturer Ural Automotive Plant (controlled as of 2013 GAZ Group)
Produced 2014-present
Weight 24 tons
Length 8.47m
Width 2.55m
Height 3.26m
Crew 3+16

Engine YaMZ-5367 turbodiesel
450 hp
Transmission automatic
Suspension 6×6 wheeled
1120 mi (1800 km)
Speed 65mph (105 km/h)

Ural Typhoon is Russia's multi-functional, modular, armoured, mine resistant vehicle family. The chassis consists of the car bonnet, frame, three-axle drive, bonneted frame and chassis.[1] The Typhoon is part of Russia's large vehicle Typhoon program.


Can be used as reconnaissance, command and staff vehicles, machinery EW / RTR or communications, ambulance or to conduct engineering, radiation, chemical and biological reconnaissance of transportation.


Two variants have been identified thus far:[2]


Ural Typhoon passenger compartment
Ural Typhoon rear module
  • Total weight: 24 tons
  • Crew: 3 + 16 in module
  • Configuration: 6 × 6
  • Power: JAMZ-5367 450 hp turbodiesel
  • Transmission: six-speed automatic transmission,
  • Transfer Case: mechanical two-stage,
  • Tyres: bullet-proof with automatic sealing
  • Armor type: Laminated glass and composite (steel and ceramic)
  • Protection class: proof from 14.5 mm armor-piercing bullets, up to 8 kg of explosives underneath
  • Armament: remote-controlled unit mounting a 7.62 mm HMG or 14.5 mm KPV HMG, loopholes


  • Crew: 3 + 12
Ural-63099 Typhoon MRAP


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