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Uranium (Caria)

Coordinates: 37°02′37″N 27°51′39″E / 37.0436°N 27.8608°E / 37.0436; 27.8608
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Uranium or Ouranion (Ancient Greek: Οὐράνιον) was a town of ancient Caria, on the Bodrum Peninsula.[1] Uranium was a polis (city-state) and a member of the Delian League.[2] Uranium appears in the Athenian tribute lists and paid an annual tribute of 17 drachmae, 1 obol.[3]

Its site was associated with Burgaz, on a hill NW of Geriş village, Bodrum, Asiatic Turkey.[4][5] Two Hellenistic inscriptions published in 1992, however, seem to place the city on Dikmendag, a coastal mountain about 7 km west of Ören.[6]


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37°02′37″N 27°51′39″E / 37.0436°N 27.8608°E / 37.0436; 27.8608