Urban America Television

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Urban America Television
TypeBroadcast television network
OwnerUrban Television Network Corporation
Launch date
December 3, 2001; 17 years ago (2001-12-03)
DissolvedMay 1, 2006; 13 years ago (2006-05-01)

Urban America Television (UATV) is a defunct over-the-air television broadcast network in the United States. According to the company's website, the network had 70 affiliate stations. UATV claimed to have had a reach of 22 million households in the United States. It was a successor to the earlier American Independent Television network and began broadcasting December 3, 2001 at 8am (CST). Created and developed by Fred Hutton (among others) the early programming featured independent produced programs, along with 1930s and 1940s public domain race films.

The company was the only minority-certified television network with the National Minority Supplier Development Council.


Urban America TV's programming was mainly geared towards urban markets. The network aired some original programming, along with films and older sitcoms and dramas. Some programming was also syndicated in markets without UATV stations.

Ceasing of operations[edit]

According to its filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Urban America Television experienced liquidity needs which severely hampered its ability to continue operations, and eventually lost the ability to pay for satellite and uplinking services, along with master control at the network level, effectively curbing the network's operations any further.

As a result, on May 1, 2006, Urban America Television suspended all operations for an indefinite period.

In response to UATV's unexpected termination, many affiliates were forced to find alternative sources of programming. Competing networks such as America One and 3ABN benefited from the failure of UATV, and stations such as WUHQ-LP in Grand Rapids, Michigan and WONS-LP in Olean, New York, simply changed to other minor networks. The digital age and the rise of subchannel networks with a much higher quality selection of programming and on-air production, including Bounce TV, also did in the majority of pre-digital minor networks, a fate likely to have befallen UATV even if survived into the digital age.

Attempted relaunch of assets as Punch TV[edit]

Though for all intents and purposes it has long left the air and is unlikely to return, UATV has insisted that it will return as a going concern, to the point that, in 2012, an outside party purchased the assets of UATV for a new concept called "Punch TV", and that parent company continues to trade publicly promoting UATV's return in various forums, albeit as a flat penny stock. As of 2018 however, this effort has resulted only in a low-distributed network under the Punch TV name with very little original programming made up mostly of public domain and brokered content. It only has scattered low-power station distribution, along with a now-terminated lease with Multicultural Broadcasting's KILM in the Los Angeles market, a station which effectively dissipated in September 2018 under the new ownership of Ion Media (KILM already shares the bandwidth of Ion's KPXN-TV under a channel share agreement) and became a simulcast of Ion Life, as has been done with similar Ion arrangements (Multicultural terminated the Punch lease in August 2018). Other than that, the only signs of life for the network (which is not under the UATV name) have been required SEC filings, announcements of new corporate and creative officers, and occasional lifts in the penny stock's trading.

Former television affiliates[edit]

Market Calls Channel # Fate
Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas KHPK-LP
Currently with Sonlife
Detroit, Michigan WHNE-LP
Various subchannel networks
Cincinnati, Ohio WOTH-LP
Various subchannel networks
West Palm Beach, Florida WWCI-CA
Currently Independent
Fresno, California KSDI-LP
Various subchannel networks
Little Rock, Arkansas KJLR-LP
Currently AMGTV
Mobile, Alabama WBQP-CA
Currently Youtoo America
Huntsville, Alabama WXFL-LP
Chattanooga, Tennessee WYHB-CA
Jackson, Mississippi WBXK-CA
Both silent in aftermath of Equity bankruptcy
Baton Rouge, Louisiana KBTR-CA
Currently This TV
Charleston, South Carolina WJNI-LP
Currently Youtoo America (KSSY-LP is silent)
Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan WLLZ-LP
San Luis Obispo KCCE-LP
Lafayette, Louisiana KXKW-CA
Currently American Sports Network and Antenna TV
Dothan, Alabama WJJN-LP
Currently Youtoo America
Charlotte Amalie, United States Virgin Islands WCVI-TV
Currently LeSEA
East Bernstadt/London, Kentucky WOBZ-LD
Various subchannel networks
Olean, New York WONS-LP
Currently Youtoo America

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