Urban Decay (film)

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Urban Decay
Directed byHarry Basil
Produced byJeff Klein
Alan Ostroff
Pat Sicilliano
Screenplay byDon Adams
Harry James Picardi
StarringDean Cain
Brooke Burns
Chris Williams
Ryan Francis
Tim Thomerson
Meat Loaf
Music byPete Karr
CinematographyHoward Wexler
Edited byDon Adams
Harry James Picardi
Distributed byArsenal Pictures
Release date
  • 2007 (2007)
CountryUnited States

Urban Decay is a 2007 horror film directed by Harry Basil and starring Dean Cain.[1]


Cab driver Stan slams into a homeless man who gets up and walks away, leaving behind a scarf covered with writhing maggots. Obsessed with the mystery, Stan hunts the ragtag figure through the city, discovering a trail of mangled, half-eaten victims, and an urban legend: Puss Head was a sewer worker who came back from an uncharted tunnel changed into something both living and dead. Parents warn their children that the shuffling zombie will get them if they stay out on the streets too late. But as the body count rises, Stan finds that the legend is alive and hungry.



The film was offered for distribution at the Marché du Film.[2]


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