Urban Ghost Story

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Urban Ghost Story
Directed byGeneviève Jolliffe
Produced byChris Jones, Jagjit Singh Banwait, David Hardwick, Ian Hierons
Written byGeneviève Jolliffe, Chris Jones
StarringJason Connery, Stephanie Buttle, Heather Ann Foster, Nicola Stapleton
Music byRupert Gregson-Williams
CinematographyJon Walker
Edited byEddie Hamilton
Living Spirit Pictures
Release date
Running time
90 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom

Urban Ghost Story is a 1998 British horror film directed by Geneviève Jolliffe, written by Geneviève Jolliffe and Chris Jones, and starring Jason Connery, Nicola Stapleton, Stephanie Buttle, and Heather Ann Foster.[1] It is set in a high-rise housing estate in Glasgow.


The plot follows 12-year-old Lizzie (Heather Ann Foster) who, after being involved in a road traffic accident and suffering a near-death experience, feels that she is haunted by a malicious spirit that she brought back with her from the afterlife. Although surrounded by people who disbelieve her claims, Lizzie and her mother eventually encounters a journalist who, although initially skeptical, comes to eventually believe the claims and with the assistance of a university parapsychologist the family start to confront with the events.



Following production of their previous film, White Angel, Geneviève Jolliffe and Chris Jones researched Poltergeist activity including the Enfield Poltergeist occurrences.[2] Filming took place at Ealing Studios with location shots done in Glasgow.[3]


The film was nominated for two British Independent Film Awards. It won two Fantafestival awards, for Best Actress and Best Film. Total Film described the film as "Poltergeist, Ken Loach-style".[4] Michael Thomson stated that "the director relies on too much editing within scenes, so the film often moves too quickly from one face to another instead of moving fluently with unbroken shots. In this way we are unhooked from a film which should really have grabbed and gripped."[5]


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