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Urban Green Energy
Industry Renewable Energy Solutions
Founded 2008
Headquarters New York, United States
Area served
Key people
Nick Blitterswyk, CEO
Products Small wind turbines, solar panels, hybrid streetlights, EV charging stations, power management systems, remote monitoring systems
Number of employees
Website www.urbangreenenergy.com

UGE (Urban Green Energy) is a worldwide distributed renewable energy company, founded in 2008, with headquarters in New York City. UGE has projects in more than 80 countries worldwide,.[1] UGE also works with an international network of Partners that augments global distribution and sales. UGE’s capabilities include remote site assessments, power plant system design, patent-pending[2] vertical axis wind turbine manufacturing, solar system design, monitoring [3] and project financing. Its hybrid wind and solar systems are widely used to power telecommunications towers, commercial buildings, and municipal infrastructure including outdoor lighting. UGE announced in August 2013 that it had raised $20M from Tamra-Tacoma Capital Partners, a New York-based alternative investment firm,[4] for a project finance fund to deploy UGE's wind and solar technology for telecom companies.[5] In April 2014, UGE raised an additional $5M from Energine.[6]


UGE designs complete solar systems, including grid-tied and off-grid installations, that range from a kW to MW scale. UGE utilizes and supplies tier 1 polycrystalline and monocrystalline PV panels, racking, and power electronics, and integrates these components into customized distributed renewable energy systems. In 2014, UGE designed the first grid-tied solar system on the Turks and Caicos Islands.[7][8]


UGE proprietary wind turbines are a type of Darrieus vertical axis wind turbine that range in size from 200W to 10 kW rated power output and are suited to a large variety of applications. The company currently has patents pending on many of its designs, including the VisionAIR5, which received third party power curve and durability certification from Intertek in accordance with IEC 61400-2 and IEC 61400-12, respectively. This turbine is the only certified vertical axis wind turbine.

UGE also has additional products that integrate its turbines, including the SANYA and Boardwalk streetlight series and the SANYA Skypump.[9]

Outdoor Lighting[edit]

UGE designs and manufactures off-grid lighting systems for roads and paths, with LED bulbs powered by UGE turbines and/or PV solar panels.[10] Because they do not require grid connection, the lights have been installed in many locations around the world, including the entrance to PingQuan, China and at the Whole Foods in Brooklyn, New York.[11][12] UGE also partnered with GE to create the SANYA Skypump, an electric car charging station and streetlight, powered completely with wind and solar energy.[13]

Monitoring and Electronics[edit]

UGE has developed other clean technology to supplement their renewable energy solutions, such as storage devices, remote monitoring, and hybrid inverters. The ViewUGE monitoring system, which tracks and displays real-time performance data for renewable energy systems, won a 2013 Connected World Value Chain Award. UGE also works closely with suppliers to offer robust power electronics for integrated power systems.[14]

Project Finance[edit]

UGE provides project financing, using lease agreements, Power Purchase Agreements, and the Levelized Energy Agreement, winner of the 2013 World Finance Telecoms Award for best project finance.[15]


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