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This article is about the computer game. For the episode of the TV series Danny Phantom, see Urban Jungle (Danny Phantom). For the video game for the Nintendo DS and Game Boy, see Danny Phantom: Urban Jungle.
Urban Jungle
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Main menu for Urban Jungle
Publisher(s) Autoklub Rijeka and DIR
Genre(s) Educational driving game
Driver's position view
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Urban Jungle is an educational computer game published in Croatia by Autoklub Rijeka and DIR.[1] It is an educational traffic simulator aimed at kids in schools and all others that are about to drive a car. The game is free of violence and distributed as freeware. It is financed via the advergaming concept and with the help of government institutions. The game also promotes human welfare by giving space to the United Nations organizations UNICEF and UNODC for their campaigns. The game takes place in a virtual copy of the city center of the real city of Rijeka, the third largest city in Croatia. It is popular not only in its country of origin, but also in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.


The gameplay is simple: players have to deliver goods from a startpoint to an endpoint as fast as possible without making too many driving offences to gain money. This is an educational project and it should be reviewed as such—it's valuable for drivers' education and road safety.

Development and release[edit]

Urban Jungle was developed by Urban Development Team and supported and promoted by Kreativni odjel.[2][3][4] The game has been released as two titles: Urban Jungle (2005) and Urban Jungle Autoškola (2007).


The HZTK (Croatian Association of Technical Culture) awarded its annual prize to the Urban Development team.

HZTK Award for Urban Jungle

Also, the game has been given The Award For The Improvement Of Innovation by the HGK (Croatian Chamber Of Economy), the Annual City of Rijeka Prize for outstanding contribution to education and promotion of the City of Rijeka and The Croatian Autoclub Annual Award. The Office of the President of Croatia considered this as a great educational project and the Croatian President Stipe Mesić endorsed it.[5]


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