Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh

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Not to be confused with Urban Redevelopment Authority.
Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh (URA)
URA Logo.jpg
Agency overview
Formed 1946 (1946)
Jurisdiction City of Pittsburgh
Headquarters 200 Ross Street
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
40°26′12.34″N 79°59′48.16″W / 40.4367611°N 79.9967111°W / 40.4367611; -79.9967111
Agency executives Robert Rubinstein, Acting Executive Director
Kevin Acklin, Chairman
Website www.ura.org

The Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh (URA)[1] is the City of Pittsburgh’s economic development agency, committed to creating jobs, expanding the City’s tax base and improving the vitality of businesses and neighborhoods. The URA achieves this mission by assembling, preparing and conveying sites for major mixed-use developments; and by providing a portfolio of programs that include financing for business location, relocation and expansion, housing construction and rehabilitation, and home purchases and improvements.

Public Projects[edit]

The URA is currently working with the City on a number of large-scale real estate developments, including:

Artist Rendering of Tower Two-Sixty


Between 2006 and 2012, the URA:[2]

  • Issued 401 loans/grants totaling $580 million with $80 million of URA investment
  • Invested $348 million in economic development projects, leveraging over a billion dollars in total project costs
  • Leveraged $60 million in tax increment financing (TIF) to create $520 million in total investment
  • Initiated $545 million in housing development projects, creating 4,024 housing units with $138 million of URA investment
  • Provided $9.4 million in loans and grants to rehabilitate 611 housing units and $20.3 million in mortgage loans for the purchase of 422 housing units


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