Urban lumberjacking

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A salvaged pallet

Urban lumberjacking is a particular type of skipping (UK) or dumpster diving (US) where the focus is to salvage wood either for home construction projects or for home heating.

Deliberate encouragement by businesses[edit]

Waste disposal costs are increasing and so some businesses see the deliberate encouragement of this re-use as a means to reduce their own waste stream, and so to reduce their direct costs. The secondary benefits of being perceived as "green" may also be valued as a form of greenwashing. In the UK, Ikea stores place a wood disposal crib near their car park and encourage shoppers to help themselves. This wood is a mixture of packaging, damaged furniture parts, and display shopfitting. As it is largely painted particle board, it's not appropriate for firewood or for external construction, but is still a popular source for indoor projects.

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