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Urbos 1 tram in Bilbao.
Urbos 2 operating on the Seville Metro
Urbos 2 operating in Vélez-Málaga
Urbos 3 tram in Belgrade.
Urbos 3 in Edinburgh.
Urbos 3 in Kaohsiung.

Urbos is a family of trams, streetcars, and light rail vehicles built by CAF.

The Basque manufacturer CAF did already have a long history with the construction of trains, including regional and underground metro variants. It started building a tram type in 1993 with a contract for Seville Metro with the delivery of 16 trams between 1993 to 1999. This original tram type was a variant of a Siemens tram type and some components were delivered by Siemens, including bogies and traction motors. After acquiring a contract for Lisbon Trams in 1995, it was decided to start construction of its own model.

There are three generations of Urbos, known as Urbos 1, Urbos 2, and Urbos 3. The first generation was ordered by the tram operator of the Basque city of Bilbao that received 6 trains between 2004 and 2006. Manufacturing locations have initially been in Saragossa and Linares.

Urbos 1[edit]

This series was only sold to Euskotren Tranbia to operate tram services in Bilbao.[1] The original tram system was shut down in 1964 and the second generation opened in December 2002 with extensions in 2004.[2]

  • Line A (EuskoTran), 8 trains (named 401–408)[2]
    • the 8 trains are 70% low-floor two-directional with three bogies on metre gauge[3]

Urbos 2[edit]

Urbos 3[edit]

The Urbos 3 is the successor of Urbos 2 with all new sales going for this type. They have low floors and a maximum speed of 70 km/h. The tram type is offered in meter gauge and standard gauge and allows for a tram width of 2,300, 2,400 or 2,650 millimeter. Trams can be assembled from 3, 5, 7 or 9 modules, with the length ranging between 23 and 56 metres.

CAF has developed an option to build supercapacitors into the Urbos 3, allowing brief operation without an external electrical supply.[4] This ACR system (Acumulador de Carga Rápida) allowed the tramway operator in Seville to remove the overhead wires in key locations during Holy Week 2011.[5]

Urbos AXL[edit]

Urbos AXL in Tallinn

The Urbos AXL train type allows for a maximum speed of 90 km/h. With larger modules and normal axle bogies it is designed for mass rapid transit systems.


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