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Urdaneta Philippines Temple
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Announcement 2 October 2010
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The Urdaneta Philippines Temple is a planned temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) to be constructed in Urdaneta City, Pangasinan, Philippines.


On 2 October 2010, during opening remarks at the Saturday morning session of the LDS Church's 180th Semiannual General Conference, church president Thomas S. Monson announced the construction of a temple in Urdaneta City, Philippines.[2]

The temple will be located approximately 100 miles north of Metro Manila on Luzon, the largest and most populated island in the Philippines. The Urdaneta Philippines Temple will help serve the 99 stakes and districts in the Luzon Island Group currently served by the Manila Philippines Temple.

In September 2010, ground was broken for the new mission home and office, which will be located next to the recently remodeled and expanded Urdaneta Philippines Stake Center.

In June 2011, the Philippines Baguio Mission was relocated to Urdaneta City, which offers a more central and accessible location for members and missionaries in the area.

Temples in the Philippines[edit]

The Urdaneta Philippines Temple will be the third LDS temple built in the Philippines, following the Manila (1984) and Cebu City (2010) temples.

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