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Districts of Paktika.

Urgun (Pashto: ورګون ولسوالۍ‎, Persian: ولسوالی اورگون‎‎) is a district of the remote Paktika Province in Afghanistan.

Administrative seat[edit]

The administrative seat of this district is the like-named town of Urgun, also known as Loy Urgun, meaning "Greater Urgun".


Urgun town used to be the provincial capital until it was replaced by Sharana in the 1970s due to its proximity to the main highway, connecting it to Kabul, Ghazni, and Kandahar.

The Siege of Urgun took place between 1983 and 1984.


The largest tribe in Urgun are the Kharoti, a sub-tribe of the Ghilji Pashtuns. Other tribes include the Suleimankhel, Bangash, Wazir and Zadran.[1] There are also Tajiks, Uzbeks and Sayed People in smaller numbers.

Like many place names in Afghanistan, Urgun can be spelled a number of different ways. "Urgon", "Orgun" and "Orgon", however, remain the most popular alternative spellings on maps and official documents.

Urgun is 7,492 ft above sea level.

The fire base FOB Orgun-e was once home to a battalion of Infantry soldiers, who suffered casualties between 2002-2008.

almost more or 400 years ago different Tajik tribes from different locations such as Furmli tribe from Kabul and from Iran came to Orgun-e-kalan and settled there. these minority Tajik tribes were mostly working with Afghan government. because their number was small they were always attacked by Different Pushtun tribes of the area. therefore these Tajik minority tribes made a fortress for their own protection.


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