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Uri Fink
Uri Fink.jpg
Fink, 2004
BornUri Fink
(1963-09-18) September 18, 1963 (age 55)
Tel Aviv, Israel
Area(s)Cartoonist, Writer, Artist
Notable works

Uri Fink (Hebrew: אורי פינק, born 18 September 1963 in Israel) is an Israeli comic book artist and writer, and creator of the comics series Zbeng!. Fink is considered to be one of Israel's leading comic book artists.


Fink was born in Tel Aviv, Israel in 1963.[1] Fink had a passion for art since early childhood. Fink began drawing at a very early age, influenced mainly by the comic books he enjoyed reading.

In 1978, at age 15, he published his first comic story of the Hebrew superhero Sabraman.[2]

After serving in the Israeli army (1981–1984), he was accepted into the Department of Visual Design at Israeli's Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. His final project was a comic book named Hevlay Meshiach (which was later published).[3]

On August 17, 1987, his comic Zbeng! was first published in the leading Israeli teen magazine Ma'Ariv La'Noar, and won great success.[4] Rapidly the one-page comic expanded into a number of pages in every issue, and became the prominent part of the magazine. In addition, Fink has published 22 Zbeng! books throughout the years.

Fink has also published two books which teach how to draw the characters of Zbeng!. He has also published additional Zbeng! merchandise, which includes a series of school diaries, a notebook, Zbengale (Zbeng! for younger children), and much more.

Due to the massive success of Zbeng! and the popularity he gained amongst the Israeli youth, during the 1990s, Fink published many additional comic books.

He also the editor of the "Zbeng!" Magazine, a monthly comics magazine which mostly feature Fink's own comics as well as the works of other Israeli cartoonists. The magazine has been going on for more than 100 issues.

Following his belief that art can contribute back to society, Fink joined "Comics For All" in May 2010, a collective of Israeli comic artists which aims to promote the comic medium as a cultural and educational tool. Fink participated in various activities voluntarily.


Fink has written and drawn many comic books, including:

  • Sabraman (סברמן) – The adventures of the Hebrew superhero "Sabraman," also known as Dan Bar-On. His parents are killed during the Holocaust by the Nazis. After the end of World War II he immigrates to Israel, becomes a policeman, and later on, a special secret agent. He received a special transplanted atomic brain, which bestows him radioactive super-powers.
  • Havlei Mashiah (הבלי משיח) – This book was designed as part of Fink's Final Project at Israel's "Bezalel Academy of Art and Design."
  • Super Shlumper (סופר שלומפר) – A superhero dressed in pajamas; this series parodies all superhero typical plots.
  • Zbeng! (!זבנג) – This comics series involves a gang of typical Israeli teens, that is an extremism of typical stereotypes related to that age group (the Geek; the Bully; the Raunchy Guy; the Leftist; the Rocker; the Most Beautiful Girl in the Class; the Soldier; the Fat Kid; the Homosexual; the Quirky Principal; and the Mean Teacher). "Zbeng!" has been successful with Israeli youth throughout the years: it appeared in the weekly youth magazine Ma'Ariv La'Noar; it was published in 22 different volumes; and even appeared as a TV show. The series also launched its own merchandise such as school diaries, notebooks, booklets, and more.
  • Zbengale (זבנגלה) – This comic takes place is a different time in the world of Zbeng!; that of the early childhood of the original character set. This comic series was created by Fink from his desire to create a comic designed for children without much violence or crudeness.
  • Days of Antiochus (ימי אנטיוכוס) – The main character of this comic series is an evil dog called Antiochus.
  • Shabtai (שבתאי) – This comic originally appeared in the Israeli web portal "Nana" in 1999, where it has been published until today. Shabtai is the only daily comic in Israel, starting originally as somewhat similar to the comic Dilbert, although it has become more political and current events-oriented.
  • The Golem (הגולם) – An alternative history comic book. The main character in the book is The Golem, a supposedly real Israeli superhero, who is very popular in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s, and had a big influence on the crucial moments of Israel. In 2005,[5] Fink and writer Eli Eshed adapted the Golem series into a daily strip that ran online on the Israeli English-language news website, Ynetnews.
  • Gogi Stories (סיפורי גוגי) – After Uri Fink became a father, he created this comic which is dedicated entirety to the experience of parenthood. The main characters are his own family: his wife, Liat; his daughters, Inbar and Yael.
  • The Jungle Book (ספר הג'ונגל) – Three books which parody the Israeli politics.
  • Tales From the Ragin' Region – A subversive comic book only printed in English. It addresses the Israeli–Palestinian conflict.


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