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Urica Rose is an American Alternative Rock singer-songwriter, the “Texas Girl with a New York City Vibe”

Early life[edit]

Urica Rose was born in Texas, but while she was still a baby, her family moved back to New York City, where she was exposed to different cultures and music in the melting pot. But it was when she moved to Atlanta, Georgia in her late teens that she was introduced to Rock. A natural at improvising lyrics, she credits Michi Robinson manager of the GG’s with recognizing she had writing ability and teaching her how to write. Added to her earlier influences from Aretha Franklin, to Prince to Janice Joplin among others, she developed her eclectic style and sound fusion.[1]


Soon after returning to New York City, a friend introduced her to the band People of Exile and realizing she knew one of the members from high school they formed an instant connection and began to perform. They collaborated on songs “Where are We Now” and “Shoot Em Dead”.[2]

Urica Rose also performs and writes solo and plays guitar. She has performed for the Governor and Mayor of New York City, The National Anthem at Joe Deguardia's Star Boxing welter weight event in Long Island, NY,[3][4] at Montreal Teen Fest[5] with People of Exile and at Six Flags summer concert series. She has also performed at the “Not in My Hood” Concert for Youth Service[6] in Brooklyn, NY. Urica Rose wrote and recorded the theme song for the event also titled, “Not in My Hood”[7] because she is committed to giving back to the community;[8] even participating in the 10th anniversary celebration of the “Gulf Coast Loves New York” concert when the Flora-Bama musicians travelled to New York City to help commemorate the tragedy of 9/11.[9]



Indie label, Metal Haze Entertainment is scheduled to release her upcoming album in early August, 2012.


Burning Purple Roses
No Sunshine
Not in My Hood
Where Are We Now
Shoot Em Dead


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