Urie Lingey

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Not to be confused with Linga, Yell.

For other islands with similar names, see Linga (disambiguation)

Urie Lingey with Fetlar in the background.

Urie Lingey is one of the Shetland Islands. It is between Fetlar and Unst, and Yell is to the west.


Urie Lingey is 1 km north of Urie Ness on Fetlar [1], whence the name. Lingey means a "heather island".

Daaey is to the south east, and Sound Gruney to the west. Wedder Holm is to the north east.


Coordinates: 60°38′N 0°55′W / 60.633°N 0.917°W / 60.633; -0.917