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LocationPacific Ocean
Coordinates16°5′0″S 167°27′0″E / 16.08333°S 167.45000°E / -16.08333; 167.45000Coordinates: 16°5′0″S 167°27′0″E / 16.08333°S 167.45000°E / -16.08333; 167.45000
Highest elevation8 m (26 ft)
ProvinceMalampa Province
Population351 (2015)
Ethnic groupsNone

Uripiv Island is a small inhabitated island in Malampa Province of Vanuatu in the Pacific Ocean.[1] Uripiv lies off the north coast of Malekula Island.[2] The estimated terrain elevation above the sea level is some 8 meters.[3]


As of 2015, the official local population was 351 people in 76 households.[4] Local people speak Uripiv language, a dialect of the language spoken on the north-east coast of Malakula. The language is referred to as Northeast Malakula or Uripiv-Wala-Rano-Atchin, and is spoken on the islands of Uripiv, Wala, Rano, and Atchin and on the mainland opposite to these islands.


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